Enercom Technologies has set up state of an art mobile phone manufacturing facility, within an area of 30,000 sq. ft. approx, as a startup production capacity and obtained 10-year mobile device manufacturing license in Pakistan by the PTA.

ENERCOM was established in 2022. It was started by the management team of CoreTECH Group, as a result of the growing demand in the market for mobile phones in Pakistan. The company has established itself as one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in Pakistan. It is a well-known brand name in the market. Besides, CoreTECH has vast knowledge in this field and also has experience in the field of distribution and importing of mobile phones. 

Who We Are

ENERCOM Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is a company incorporated in January 2021 and established with the aim of being an Assembler/Manufacturer of world-leading company’s smart mobile phones and features phones, from SKD to finished goods and supply to the local market as well as exporting to International Markets with the tag of MADE IN PAKISTAN. ENERCOM has recently been accorded the license of the Mobile Devices Manufacturing by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

The Sister company of ENERCOM, i.e M/s. CoreTECH has already established value in the distribution business of mobile phones & tablets with world-leading mobile phone companies Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung tablets, and many others. The Management of ENERCOM Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is highly experienced and most of the team has been associated with the Technology Business for a number of years.

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